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Open ‘n’ Shut distribute Ozroll shutters manufactured here in S.A and we also repair any and all brands of shutters.

Ozroll is one of the largest shutter manufacturers in Australia and their products are sold in every state. (One does not become biggest by making rubbish)

Ozroll uses European technology and high quality aluminium to manufacture a product that is second to none.

These shutters are distributed by many large shutter companies in S.A.

Key points of Ozroll shutter quality :

  • Ozroll curved slat profile provides strength and allows for smaller “boxes” for attractive look. You will be told that flat slats has more insulation, the effect of this is not noticeable compared to “bulky” look.
  • Ozroll uses round aluminium axle, this again allows for a smaller and tighter rollup of slat and thus a smaller “box”
  • Ozroll uses high density polyutharene foam for insulation and strength.
  • Ozroll uses sealed stainless bearings. In my 8+ years in the industry I have not yet seen this system failing.
  • Ozroll shutters have no steel or structural plastic parts. Steel (axle) mixed with aluminium can cause electrolysis in coastal areas. Also rusting as the cut ends are not protected. As an ex boat builder using the rule “do not mix aluminium and steel together” will apply anywhere. Inside the header “box” it can be very hot and plastic parts harden and become brittle.

Nearly as important as the price – is a careful installation job. Tiny errors with the alignment of the holes for the strap means you will have straps breaking regularly for the life of the shutter and shutters last virtually forever.

The poorest quality shutter, carefully installed, will perform better than the best quality shutter that is poorly fitted.

Who would you rather have install your shutter?

A contractor who has 2, 3 or 4 houses to work on the day, can pass on the possible faults to the company he works for. Is he licensed to perform the work. He may also be one of many working for a particular company, and you have no knowledge of his abilities.


A fully licensed owner of a business, where you are more than likely the only customer for that day, who is responsible for the warranty and has the time and desire to ensure the best possible job and your satisfaction.

Finally, price is important, however one must remember that the cheapest price more often than not equals poorer quality or shortcuts with installation.

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