Cafe Blinds

Cafe Blinds

Open n Shut sells and installs cafe blinds. Our security roller blinds have no cords, no zippers, no buckles, no fuss. They can be opened or closed in seconds. They will stay in any position and provide full control from the elements in your outdoor areas.

Create your own outdoor heaven using our cafe blinds. Our blinds are available in huge range of fabrics and clear or tinted PVC. You can choose the amount of light, shade, airflow, and preserve your garden views. This is a unique two track system that allows perfect fit even in difficult situations.Our blinds can be supplied with fully enclosed headbox, a hood, or with exposed roll.

Outdoor Blinds

Open n Shut team guide you about how to use outdoor blinds into your pergola, verandah , Balcony in apartments , covering car shed and your outdoor alfresco area. Outdoor PVC Blind are fitted to the outside of your window or courtyard to block the sun light partially before they reach your interior, makes the room cool and greatly reducing air-conditioning costs. It is much more effective at stopping heat than interior shading products like interior blinds or residential window tinting and glass film. The outdoor blinds come in roll up, retractable and entertainer styles and there’s a wide range of colours and sizes to choose from. Expected life of PVC outdoor blinds is 8 – 10 years .

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