About Our Awnings

A practical and stylish outdoor blind designed to reduce the heat within the home. Our awnings are custom made and available in both Canvas and Screen fabrics. Select from our extensive range of traditional stripes or plain dyes.

You can choose from our available styles: auto, fixed guide, and straight drop spring operated

You can operate your awnings using cranks, spring, or have it motorised

What are Awnings?

Awnings are great for the outdoor areas of your home. They provide shade on hot sunny days, serve as protection from wind and rain, and increase energy efficiency.

Energy Savings: Awnings help to make homes more energy efficient by reducing the amount of solar radiation that enters through the windows, ultimately decreasing the load on the air conditioner during hot summer months. In fact, solar radiation through glass is responsible for approximately 20 percent of the load on an air conditioner. This also translates into savings for you through lower energy bills

Quality awnings are usually made from premium materials to withstand the effects of changing weather conditions. They also make your home awesome as they add an extra touch of colour and style which give your home exteriors a more finished or professional look. There are different types of awnings and you can choose which will suit your personal style.

Quality awnings installation services

We provide awnings installation and services. If you want to add value to your home, then contact The Shutter Guy for your awnings and we will be glad to provide you top quality products and services.

We will come to your home and discuss with you the best shade solution and most cost effective option. This way, you are assured that you are dealing with a trustworthy and professional team. We have been in the industry for more than 25 years and our customers remain our top priority.

Custom fit awnings for your home

Open N Shut offers you a wide range of awnings. our awnings are custom fit and come in varying styles, fabrics and designs to suit your needs.

  • Straight drop Awnings seamlessly integrate indoor and outdoor entertaining areas by allowing outdoor areas to be protected from the elements, without blocking out the view. Awnings can expand outdoor living space and offer an economical alternative to a home addition. Both aesthetically appealing and functional, awnings create an outdoor extension of the home that can facilitate many activities, whether designing a haven for outdoor meditation or creating an area for activities with kids, awnings provide protection from excessive heat and inclement weather conditions.
  • Window awnings The addition of awnings can help to enhance the curb appeal of all homes. With numerous fabrics and designs available, awnings fit the unique style of every home. Woven acrylic fabrics are water-repellent with a rich cloth appearance, which helps them retain their good look for years. Vinyl-coated fabrics are waterproof and can act as an outdoor shelter, keeping the rain out when storms roll through. Mesh fabrics allow for better ventilation and outward visibility.
Choice of fabrics and materials depending on your awning requirements
  • Mesh Fabrics High tensile, hard wearing PVC construction, which filter out the suns damaging UV rays, while still allowing you to enjoy the view. Mesh fabric reduces interior temperature, are salt air proof with special flame retardant additives, will not rot and resists mildew. Choose from a large range of plains or prints.
  • Acrylic Canvas is a 100% solution dyed acrylic fabric ensuring long lasting colour, it is coated with Dupont Teflon which has exceptional resistance to water, high temperatures, chemical reaction, corrosion and stress cracking, while the Nautica range is waterproof. Choose from a large range of plains or prints.
  • Classic Canvas has been scientifically proven to reflect the most solar radiant heat and absorb the least. Printed fabrics have a green backing, whilst the plains have the same colour both sides.

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